Table Tennis Tips

21 tips for table tennis players

21 tips for table tennis players

  1. Playing table tennis without mastering the basics is like building a house without a foundation. Therefore a table tennis expert should teach all beginners the basic skills on this subject.
  2. A table tennis player or a ball hit right at the right time.
  3. Mistakes are always looking for ways to decide who is the winner in a ping-pong match. On the contrary, there are many who have paid the best shots.
  4. Find out your own fighting style is very important. Should learn it because no one outside can do it better than you.
  5. The most important thing: bounce the ball back!
  6. Is not miss tennis ball, but it was you did not have a good shot.
  7. Never give up even if you have fallen into hopeless situation ntn matter. When the game was still going on for your chance to win the final result.
  8. Forget the technical factors in a real match, and focus on tactics. Think: return the ball in place, rather than the how.

9.The harmony between mind and body is an essential in table tennis.

  1. Find out the weaknesses of the opponent is always a necessary element in the strategy table tennis.
  2. A top athletes in the danger of the situation even performed better performance hit.
  3. Most of these outstanding athletes who have a healthy condition, capable and talented. What distinguishes them from others is that they use what they like.
  4. The most important thing is to fight and give everything you have. Do not worry about who is at the other side of the table opposite. You can win any game yet, as long as you play with all the mind.
  5. Always try to help the ball, even when he was in on the most hopeless situations. Running to and try to return, this determination should become your second nature.
  6. Table tennis is a sport for all ages, so you can play table tennis for life with appropriate amount of movement.
  7. If you want to become a good VDV, you need to practice, practice and practice.
  8. The concentration depends on the strength of will. You must make sure that you only think about the game and not think about anything else until the game ended. And above all, do not allow you distracted by what happens at the table next ball.
  9. Do not allow your opponent can play with the fighting style of his forte.
  10. It should be emphasized: do not be too dependent on the importance of quality tools. If you want to progress, not too intently on rackets, balls, shoes, …
  11. The blow your weapon in the battle. Weapons as possible, the higher chance of winning. But also remember that his only weapon they never win in a fight.
  12. Respect your racket more – it is the least sinful in your failures.

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