Find engagement rings under $1000, $500 tips

So you’ve finally found the lady of your life.  Or perhaps you are the lady herself who feels that the moment is approaching when your man is going to propose.  You’ve dropped hints.  You’ve made mentions of what it is you want.  You specifically have let him know that what you want is a rose gold engagement ring!

Rose gold engagement rings. But what if you are the guy and you have no clue what that even means?  What if you are the beautiful lady who’s prince is oblivious to everything that you’ve mentioned and is too dense to do some research about what rose gold engagement rings are?  You can point him to this website to learn more.  And while we are at it, we’ll educate him on all types of jewelry that he’s not aware of, including necklaces you may want, toe rings, bracelets, anklets, and more.  Do you want a pair of diamond ear rings for your first anniversary?  Send him back to this website!

engagement rings under $1000
engagement rings under $1000

Let’s teach him about the gorgeous pink hue of rose gold and how that can be applied to any piece of gold jewelry.  Why not have a rose gold collection?  Those are my favorites, personally.  You are unique.  You are beautiful.  You are elegant.  And so should your jewelry be all of these things, because they should represent the qualities of it’s bearer.

Treat yourself kindly.  Go buy yourself that piece you’ve been wanting.  Get that next charm for your charm bracelet.  Get the matching bracelet to go with the ring that he’s been promising you for years.  Buy the jade ear rings you’ve lusted after for so many months.  You work hard so you can have nice things, and if this is what you want, then go get it.  That is self-love and that’s what we love about jewelry.  It’s all about showing your lady the a noble truth in gift giving, the gift of engagement.

So please, keep coming back to this site and learn more and more about a topic many of us women are passionate about, and that is jewelry.  There is nothing more precious and nothing that tells everyone else how much you respect yourself than enhancing your own appearance with a special ipece from someone you love, even if that is yourself!  Thanks for visiting.

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